Meeting Dates and Information

Please note that due to the current Covid - 19 situation, meetings may be temporarily suspended or take a different format. Please see below:

Marchwiel Community Council Meetings are currently taking place virtually.  If you wish to attend please email the Clerk and give her your details and she will send you the Meeting ID and passwords to attend.

Community Council meetings are held monthly and usually  held at Marchwiel Village Hall on the second Wednesday of each month.  However, August is a recess and no meeting held. December is usually urgent matters only.  Members do however, meet for additional meetings during the month if required.

Who can attend community council meetings?

Community council meetings are open to everyone, whether they live, work, or have an interest in the Community Council area
The public have the right to attend meetings and see how the Council operates, however on occasions sensitive issues may require the public to be excluded during discussion of that topic.

Public participation is encouraged; however this does not mean that the public have a right to take part in the debate. Members of the public may be invited, at the discretion of the Chair, to ask questions or express their views.

Members of the Public will be excluded if anything is discussed under Section Part II.

All meetings commence at 7pm at Marchwiel Village Hall.

Please see our calendar of meetings for 2020 dates.

 Calendar dates

  15th        January 2020
  12th        February 2020

  18th        March 2020

  8th          April 2020 - postponed due to Covid-19

  13th        May 2020 - postponed due to Covid-19

  17th        June 2020 Virtual (If you wish to attend email                                 the Clerk 

  8th          July 2020  Via Zoom - email the Clerk to attend

  9th          September 2020

  14th        October 2020

  11th        November 2020

  9th          December 2020



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February 2020

March 2020

April 2020 Covid-19 Cancelled

May 2020 Covid-19 Cancelled

June 2020 Virtual via Zoom 

July 2020 Virtual via Zoom

September 2020 Covid-19

October 2020 Covid-19 Cancelled

November 2020 Covid-19 Cancelled

December 2020

Audit 2020 


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