Community Council

Marchwiel Community Council (MCC) was established in 1985. Based on the 2021 Census, Marchwiel has a resident population of 2,204.

The Community Council consists of eleven members who volunteer their time. Marchwiel's area is divided into the following three wards:

Piercy - 6 community council members

Sontley - 2 community council members

Deniol - 3 community council members

The Council employs one p/t member of staff - the Clerk.

The Statutory and other powers of Marchwiel Community Council are varied, including:

  • Making observations on all applications for planning permission within it's area.
  • Responsible for the repairs and maintenance of their own 69 lights in Marchwiel. R&M Contract with Wrexham County Borough Councils
    • pay for electricity supply
  • Responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the play areas and MUGA (Multi Games Area). R&M Contract with WCBC
  • Own and responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Marchwiel Community Council's Burial Ground. (separate from the church)
    • grounds maintenance;
    • repairs to fences, replace footpaths;
    • pay for water supply
  • Responsible for the Marchwiel Nature Reserve. Work with Agencies to assist in the management of the facility.
  • Provide and maintain the Welcome Garden. Recently replaced the three rotten wooden seats for three ECO benches
  • Provide and maintain two noticeboards in Welcome Garden and Burial Ground
  • Apply for Funding for various projects in the village including new seating, environmental projects and community facilities.
  • Grant donations to the Church, Ysgol Deiniol and local charities and organisations
  • Donate £8,000 towards the cost of Administration by the Rainbow Centre to manage the Village Hall
  • Donated gloves to the volunteers attending duties during Covid-19
  • Ensure the Councils Insurance includes Public Liability
  • Pay for Website design and annual management and updates
  • The Council has an internal Auditor who checks the finance procedures and documents are in place and approved.
  • The Council then has an external Audit by Welsh Audit Office.
  • Members liaise with Council officers to assist with issues raised within the village
  • Members liaise with the Police who assist with issues in the village
  • Members and the Clerk attend training courses essential for their roles
  • Members discuss local planning applications
  • Arrange Community Liaison and events. Easter celebrations, Garden and Hanging basket Competition; Village Scarecrow Competition; Remembrance Service, Christmas Carols at the Welcome Garden & Father Christmas visit. Pensioners Christmas lunch/party.

Click here to view the statutory and other powers of Marchwiel CC.