Community Council

Marchwiel Community Council (MCC) was established in 1985. Based on the 2011 Census, Marchwiel has a resident population of 2,371.

The Community Council consists of eleven members and its area is divided into the following three wards:

  • Piercy     - 5 community council members
  • Sontley   - 2 community council members
  • Deniol    - 4 community council members

The Council employs one p/t member of staff - the Clerk.

The Statutory and other powers of Marchwiel Community Council are varied, including:
making observations on all applications for planning permission within it's area.

  • Funding environmental projects including MEG (Marchwiel Environmental Group) and community facilities
  • providing new and improved footpaths and lighting
  • provide and maintain Marchwiel Community Council’s Burial Ground
  • maintain the three play areas in Marchwiel
  • provide and maintain Welcome Garden and three public seats
  • make donations to local/national charities and organisations
Click here to view the statutory and other powers of Marchwiel CC.