Marchwiel Village Hall

         Rainbow Centre Penley


From 6th January 2020, the day to day management of Marchwiel Village Hall was taken over by The Rainbow Centre Penley.

What does this mean?

1. The hall will remain open and accessible to the whole community for events, parties, and room hire. Bookings from 6th Jan 2020 will be made directly with the Rainbow Centre. Any existing bookings made prior to 2020 are in the diary and have already been shared with us.

2. We will be bringing services closer to you, basing Marchwiel’s Community Agent service (which is currently based in Penley) in Marchwiel from Spring, as well as additional services where there is demand, such as local support groups.

3. We will also be looking to re-establish groups that used to run from the hall such as the lunch club, and to establish new groups and projects to run from the hall as well.

Who are we?

The Rainbow Centre is an award-winning local charity, we operate from a vibrant hub in Penley, and also work in communities across South Wrexham, as well as in all GP Surgeries across Wrexham so we know the area well. At our Penley hub, we deliver a Day Opportunities service (sometimes referred to day care) and we also deliver a range of classes and activities that are open to the whole community, these include knit and natter, a gentlemen’s brunch club, art classes, bingo, and lunch club, pilates, adult learning, community café, community transport and much more.

The Rainbow Centre is not moving from its Penley hub, but will be working in partnership with residents of Marchwiel to develop local groups that will support the health and wellbeing of their local community.

The Rainbow Centre has a fabulous reputation and has come forward to support the development of community activities in Marchwiel and to ensure the village hall survives in times where many village halls are no longer viable.

The Rainbow Centre, Charity no: 1100479
Tel: 01948830730