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Marchwiel Community Council phone number is:
Mobile No: 07871 634941.
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Marchwiel Community Council has changed its email address due to recent hacks. From now on please email:

Marchwiel Community Information

If you wish the Clerk to email you a copy contact on: or click on the link below:
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Marchwiel Community Council Defibrillator is connected to the North Wales Ambulance Circuit. If it is removed we will be notified of its whereabouts straight away and North Wales Ambulance will renew the pads and batteries when required.

Defibrillator Vandalism: Recently young children girls and boys were seen hitting the defibrillator with sticks. They ran away when the passing motorist shouted to them. Please can you warn all children the importance of this machine. The defibrillator is connected to an electric supply and care should be taken The Headteacher has been informed and asked if he can inform the pupils of its importance.
Marchwiel Community Council's Burial Ground Fence and Railings have undergone restoration.

Recently Members asked that NO Dogs be allowed in the Burial Ground. We received one complaint. Recently a dog being walked by its lady owner in the burial ground was witnessed allowing it to do its 'business' on a grave. Please do not exercise your dogs in the Burial Ground. It is disrespectful to the family's grave and not acceptable to allow your dog to do this.

Play Area

Members were upset that the new 'Play Area equipment' they recently purchased on your behalf was vandalised. You might be shocked to hear that young primary aged children are to blame. Names have been handed to the Community Council who will be

Marchwiel's Nature Reserve
It is sad to see such vandalism to Marchwiel's Nature Reserve.
This facility is maintained and paid for by the residents of Marchwiel in their Precept for the whole community to enjoy. You are so lucky to have this facility in your village.
It is apparent that some are spoiling it for others. The newly fitted viewing screen has been severely vandalised and boardwalks have been burnt from attempted fires. Some youths have been seen congregating there drinking & discarding their rubbish in the ponds.
This is YOUR Nature Reserve so if anyone hears or is aware of anything untoward occurring, please ring the Police on 101 or contact a Community Councillor to inform them.

passing them on to the police.

Marchwiel's Nature Reserve - continues to be restored and updated. New information boards are almost complete which will inform you of the wildlife and plants living on site. A viewing platform will allow you to view birds at a closer distance. A Kingfisher pole is to be erected in the middle of the main pond so you might be lucky enough to be able to see a Kingfisher close up.

Completion of this work has and is delayed due to material costs increasing and the need to obtain new quotes. The boardwalks and kickboards have been repaired/replaced. Members are hoping to host an event where the Ranger would be present to give tours and explain what we have present.